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Domain Registry of Canada Requests – SCAM

  • Domain Registry of Canada Requests – SCAM

A company called “Domain Registry of Canada” sends mass volumes of postal mail directly to domain owners. The letters are designed to appear as though the Domain Registry of Canada is some sort of official government organization or is somehow related to the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA). They even send it out on recycled envelopes attempting to look like Revenue Canada and/or other Canadian Government agencies. Beware! The letter from Domain  Registry of Canada is nothing more than a scam.

They have used various company names such as “Internet Registry of Canada”, “Domain Registry of America”, “Domain Renewal Group”, “Domain Registry of Europe”, “NameJuice”, “Brandon Gray Internet Services”, or “DROC”. But in any case they always use the same technique to fool domain owners into transferring their domain away.

If you get one of these requests simply ignore it, shred it or use the paper to scribble on. But whatever you do don’t respond to it.

Here are some additional links on articles detailing the scam:

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